Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why It's Hard for Keith Olbermann to Say Goodbye

The Internet is abuzz with news of Keith Olbermann's last show at MSNBC. I first learned of it when I noticed "Keith Olbmermann was trending on Twitter (kinda funny since he once named Twitter the "Worst Person of the Year," though it appears he does have an account.)

Personally, I disagree with Keith Olbermann on just about everything. But I always respected how Keith had his own style, his own brand, his own following, his own show.

I can relate to the thrill of having a show on traditional media. I have my own daily talk show on Connect FM in Champaign, Illinois. It's wonderful!

Without actually knowing what his daily process was, I can only imagine how every day he would scour the news (online & offline) to find topics for Countdown. Then he would look over everything and choose the news stories that he felt his viewers would want to learn more about. His staff would help him line up credible guests. Some days, they would present their followers with a cause that needed their help. Everyday, Keith showed up with unwavering passion.

I'll bet he worked tirelessly because He loved what he did. Because the flashing "On-Air" light brings about a magical feeling. Because he admired his viewers and never wanted to disappoint them.

I had that for eighteen years as a radio broadcaster, but walked away from it three and a half years ago. It was so hard to do, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Then, out of the blue, the perfect radio show opportunity was presented to me back in the fall of 2010. The chance to do a daily talk show! I've been back on the air for 2 and a half months. I have a sense of appreciation with this radio gig that is different from what I'd experienced before. This is a gift. I thank God for it every day on my way into work. I work hard to be informative and entertaining because I love what I do. Because the flashing "On-Air" light brings about a magical feeling. Because I admire my listeners and never want to disappoint them.

I believe Keith knew his show was a gift too, which is why I'm sure that his heart is broken. While I never agreed with him politically, I certainly am thinking of him now compassionately.

- Mary-Lynn

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